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Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing

  • This detailing service is recommended to be done whenever you sell/buy a car or when you consider it necessary, depending on how the vehicle is used.

The Full Interior Detailing consists of:

  • Collecting all things from the car in a bag;
  • Interior detailed vacuuming;
  • Compressed air blowing;
  • Cleaning/Degreasing/Disinfecting the textile/leather/microsuede (Alcantara) upholstery
  • Hydrating the leather upholstery;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting carpets and mats with steam/hot cleaning agent;
  • Cleaning the ceiling and pillars;
  • Cleaning the seat belts;
  • Cleaning the head restraints and armrests;
  • Cleaning the door panels;
  • Cleaning the dashboard;
  • Cleaning the trunk and spare tyre compartment;
  • Degreasing the plastic materials;
  • Applying water-based polymer dressing for plastic materials;
  • Cleaning and hydrating the weather strips/ treatment against freezing for weather strips in winter;
  • Cleaning the windows.

Services on demand and paid additionally:

  • Disassembling the chairs/bench/trunk – 150 lei;
  • Protection of textile upholstery (textile upholstery waterproofing);
  • Protection of mats and carpets (anti-dirtying waterproofing);
  • Polishing the stainless steel/chrome plated plastic ornaments;
  • Protection of stainless steel/chrome plated plastic ornaments;

Whether your car is new or old but the leather is in good conditions, in order to ensure the long term aesthetic appearance, it is recommended you choose this service. Once they are applied, these solutions have the effect of reducing the force of friction with the leather, practically it will glide easily, reducing the force of friction with the leather surface, which translates into much lower wear in the long run.
The anti-impregnation treatment has the role to avoid staining the upholstery with certain colours resulting from clothes.

Cleaning the fabric, plush, microsuede, velvet upholstery – this is done with the water injection-extraction device, steam or concomitantly with steam and hot water, using professional cleaning agents, specially designed for each material.
This process is recommended to be carried out once a year.

The same principle is used as for washing the textile upholstery, by means of the injection-extraction device, only that brushes, vortex-type atomizer and electrostatic brush will also be used for this, in order to attract the hair, where applicable.

It is thoroughly cleaned with specific detergents, by means of detailing brushes and the vortex-type atomizer. After cleaning, they will be hydrated by water-based polymer dressing. In other words, silicones will not be used in any case.

Taking into account that the material the ceiling is made of is very sensitive, this should be cleaned depending on certain parameters and by choosing the suitable method. For example, the ceiling of the van-type utility vehicles, tractor head, requires a more aggressive cleaning even with the vacuum cleaner/Tornador. But all other vehicles can be cleaned only by controlled moisture and microfiber towel.

Whatever the source of the smell, there is a solution to neutralise it.
Besides disassembling the interior for a thorough cleaning, we can also disassemble the carpet of the car.
After such cleaning, we dry the interior very well with heaters and apply odour remover and the ozone disinfection device.
Regardless of the calendar date or the outside weather, we meet all time and space requirements in order to solve your problem.

This process is done in three steps.

The first step: application of leather softening agent. It is a complex mixture of animal proteins, collagens, with absolutely no oil filler. The softening agent has a unique capillary action that forces the proteins to go into the leather and the dirt to come out.

The second step: Degreasing the leather upholstery – to remove all impurities from the surface of the leather. The degreasing agent has no chemical substances that could dry or destroy the leather. It contains a conditioner that cleanses and refreshes the leather (NOTE. Please inform us if you have restored/repainted the leather upholstery, even if in just some places).

The third step: application of the Leather Conditioner. This last step is intended to protect the leather under safe conditions. It contains hydrating substances to protect the surface of the leather in the long run. This unique aloe vera-based formula helps to protect the leather, while the UV inhibitors prevent the premature discoloration and aging.

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